The Vässla Pedal e-bike from Sweden

Scandinavian mobility companies

What have the Vässla Pedal and MATE SUV in common? Both are Scandinavian companies that are entering the e-bike market. But both companies used the design skills from the German studio Zanzotti Design. And to be honest, you can see it in a way.

What is the Vässla?

Vässla is a micro-mobility start-up in Swedish. The company founded by Rickard Bröms offers high-end electric bikes on a subscription base. Not only this Pedal will emerge in the e-bike market. The Vässla Bike is already available, and Scooter will also be soon.

Design impression Vässla Pedal

Because there is not much real visual content available at the moment of writing, we combined two design impression renders from Zanzotti Design to give a bit of a view of this exciting e-bike.

What is the Vässla Pedal?

We know from the Vässla Pedal so far that it will become a unisex frame with 24″ wheels. The bike’s removable battery is sufficient for 100 km. The Pedal has a single-gear system. The rear hub motor is rated for 250W of nominal power and a torque of 45 Nm. Another feature is the torque sensor, with intuitive assistance without gears and three power assist levels, which helps assist the rider when pedaling faster. The integrated lights, both front and back, are designed precisely to complement the premium components, such as premium hydraulic brakes and all-year tires. The Vässla Pedal includes IoT connectivity and comes with an app for digital unlocking, real-time tracking, alerts of theft attempts, and history of bike rides.

Vässla Club and Availability Pedal

The Vässla Pedal is available for pre-order (Sweden only, for now) for €2,990 with deliveries expected to begin in March 2023. The subscription option (for the Bike) will be available in Stockholm, Paris, and Madrid already. The subscription plans are a part of the Vässla Club that includes your own Vässla vehicle, helmet, lock, insurance, maintenance, and service at no extra cost. You can choose between 3 different memberships: Urban Flex (1 month commitment period), Urban Pro (6 months commitment period), or Urban Pro 12 (12-months commitment period).

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