Raleigh cargo e-Bike announced

Raleigh Stride

Raleigh bikes based in the UK has announced their first cargo e-Bike series. The Raleigh Stride electric cargo bike will come in family and business models.

Raleigh cargo e-Bike Stride family

The Raleigh cargo e-Bike is not the first e-bike the UK-based company has in its portfolio. Raleigh wants to deliver a solution for families and businesses who don’t want to use a car. The Stride family has a 900-liter capacity and a maximum container load between 80-100kg. Just like the Lovers, Carqon, Urban Arrow, and Riese & Muller the Stride has a Bosch Performance Cargo Line motor and a 500Wh battery. Based on the photos both Stride bikes have a polypropylene (EPP) box. The yellow element gives a fresh look. Both models have disc brakes and an enviolo steppless gear hub system. It’s unclear if the Stride also comes with automatiq gear hub system of enviolo?

Raleigh is part of the Accell Group a Dutch-based company that is also the owner of Carqon and Babboe two companies that are on the cargo bike market. What segment of the targeted audience Accell is aiming for with the Raleigh Stride is not clear at this moment. But that the cargo e-bike market will grow year over year is for sure.

Availability Raleigh Stride

The Raleigh Stride cargo e-Bike will become available in a two or three wheels model exact prices and availability is not been given by Raleigh at this point. Compared to the specifications that are available and looking at their competitors it’s likely the price will be around the 5000 EUR price point. Although there is a lot unclear it’s exiting to see a new competitor on the cargo e-bike market.

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